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Our range of classic spirits from around the world.

Our recommendations...

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  • Bombay Sapphire product photo

    Bombay Sapphire 70cl Bottle

    Stylish gin which is a favourite of many of the world's top bartenders.

    €26.38  £21.99
  • Crème de Cassis Paysanne product photo

    Crème de Cassis Paysanne

    A delicious sweet yet dry blackcurrent liqueur: perfect for cocktails, especially the famous Kir Royale.

    €9.58  £7.99
  • Jose Cuervo Tequila Gold product photo

    Jose Cuervo Tequila Gold 100cl 1 Litre

    Jose Cuervo gold tequila is a 51% mixto tequilla, meaning that 51% of its alcohol content is fermented from the sugars of the agave plant.

    €28.18  £23.49
  • Jagermeister 1L product photo

    Jagermeister 1L

    Jägermeister is a German 70-proof (35% abv) digestif made with 56 herbs and spices.

    €26.38  £21.99
  • Disaronno product photo

    Disaronno 70cl Bottle

    Still prepared today according to the secret recipe jealously guarded and known only to few people, Disaronno's pleasantly distinctive taste make it an inimitable and ideal liqueur for any occassion.

    €22.78  £18.99
  • Pastis 51 product photo

    Pastis 51 100cl 1 Litre

    The genuine pastis of Marseille, 51 is a drink with warm, sunny origins.

    €23.98  £19.99
  • Aperol product photo


    Aperol has a unique bitter sweet taste derived from a secret recipe that has remained unchanged since its creation.

    €14.38  £11.99
  • Pimms No 1 product photo

    Pimms No 1 70cl Bottle

    Ideal for picnics, garden parties and barbeques, the subtle spice and citrus fruit flavours of the Pimm’s secret recipe is a summer essential.

    €15.58  £12.99
  • Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum product photo

    Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum 70cl Bottle

    Warm spices of cinnamon & nutmeg with rich vanilla. A long dry finish balanced with a subdued sweetness and a hint of burnt toffee

    €23.38  £19.49
  • Appleton Estate 12 YO product photo

    Appleton Estate 12 YO 70cl Bottle

    Distilled in traditional copper pot stills, Appleton Extra is a superb blend of rums, many of which have been aged for at least 12 years.

    €34.78  £28.99
  • Havana Club 3YO product photo

    Havana Club 3YO 70cl Bottle

    3 year old Cuban rum.

    €20.38  £16.99
  • Brandy Napoleon Fauconnier product photo

    Brandy Napoleon Fauconnier 70cl Bottle

    An impeccable, full-bodied taste makes for a lingering presence on the palate which will delight connoisseurs.

    €11.98  £9.99
Showing products 1 - 12 of 28